Senior operational and engineering personnel involved in drilling / workover operations; OIMs, Drilling Superintendents, Drilling Engineers, Drilling Supervisors, Toolpushers and Drillers who require IWCF Well Control accreditation.

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The Drilling Well Control course provides the knowledge and practical skills necessary to apply safe well control practices in surface and subsea installations. Participants complete the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) Drilling Well Control exam. The international accreditation is globally recognised as industry best practice.

Welltrain provides two highly experienced and accredited instructors and utilises an effective blend of classroom theory, individual exercises, group discussion and drilling simulator practice. With two instructors, all participants receive maximum assistance from our instructors and sufficient time to complete practical exercises on the simulator.

Course Options:

Participants may choose to sit the IWCF assessment examination for eitherSurface OR Combined Surface/Subsea BOP accreditation. The Surface BOP certification is for surface mounted BOPs only. The combined BOP certificate course both surface and subsea mounted BOPs. The IWCF certificate is endorsed with the achieved assessment. Please specify clearly which accreditation you wish to attend.

  • Well control management
  • Understanding fluids and pressure
  • Primary well control
  • Dynamic wellbore pressures
  • Blowout prevention and well control equipment
  • Gas migration
  • Subsea control systems
  • Kick warning signs
  • Shallow gas kicks
  • Shut-in procedures
  • Well control methods
  • Deviated Horizontal well control
  • Handling on-bottom kicks
  • Long reach and horizontal kick handling
  • Stripping operations
  • Handling kicks while out of the hole
  • Problems during well control
  • Simulator exercises and assessment
  • Tea/coffee and snacks each day.

AU$ 2,850 (incl. GST), 5 day full course

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