The DrillSIM-5000 provides full-size simulation of drilling and well control operations, suitable for entry or advanced experience, in offshore and onshore operational environments. It has been proven over many years to be a powerful learning tool for Drilling Schools and Operators throughout the world. The units can been used in both onshore and offshore operational environments as well as for IADC, WellSharp and IWCF accreditation.

With computer generated graphics, real time simulation and digitised sound effects, the DrillSIM-5000 provides a new generation of realism enabling trainees, working alone or in groups, to execute real world drilling or well control exercises initiated by an instructor.


The DrillSIM-500 offers portable well control simulator training, for operators, drilling contractors and training companies.

Instructors can control the simulator to recreate examples of known and potential emergencies in a controlled environment. Digitally reproduced sound effects make the training exercises more realistic, building up the trainee’s confidence and troubleshooting skills, to save time, money and enhance safety in the field. It consists of five panels including workover, Surface and Subsea BOP’s. 


The DrillSIM-50 represents the rig floor panels and consoles of the DrillSIM-5000, yet the four panels fit in just one airline check-in case, with an additional case for the accessories.

Suitable for refresher training at the well site or certification under the international standards, an Instructor station facilitates monitoring of the exercise during run-time and setting up training scenarios. Digitised field recorded sounds add realism, whilst colour plotter facilities provide a hard copy output of the trainees response and success to a given situation. Workover operations are available through the touchscreen.


The DrillSIM-20 is designed for true portability, fitting into a single industrial transit case.

It includes graphical imitations of Drilling Controls, Manifolds and BOP consoles, controlled through a touch-screen Student Station. The station also controls the mud systems and displays surface and down-hole graphics.


The DrillSIM-5 is a PC based version of the portable drilling and well control simulators, the DrillSIM-20, DrillSIM-50 and DrillSIM-500. The DrillSIM-5 utilises the same downhole mathematical model as the larger hardware based versions.

The DrillSIM-5 provides interactive training with all the control panels typical of the portable simulators but graphically represented, providing the end user with proven reliability and confidence. The software is available in Student and Instructor versions, the latter allowing exercise configuration and monitoring. 

Well control exercises can be practiced away from a training centre at times convenient to the user and at a low cost.